Welcome to the KSI Business Development Institute (BDI)

BDI is a training division of AOC Key Solutions, a consulting firm that provides strategy, capture, and proposal development services to government contractors. Since 1983, we have helped define the art and science of business development for the federal government contracts market. Our training services provide capture and proposal professionals the skills and tools needed to win or retain a government contract.
We serve the entire government contracting community. Our training is geared towards professionals involved with federal business development, sales, capture, and proposals.

Meet Our Faculty

Our team is comprised of leading experts in the world of government proposals.

Jim McCarthy

Jim McCarthy is the Chairman of KeyStone Solutions and the Founder of AOC Key Solutions. Mr. McCarthy’s career spans 30 years of marketing, proposal development, and training support to companies seeking to enter the government market or to expand their market shares. As Principal Owner of AOC Key Solutions, he helped build an organization that has helped its’ clients win over $150 billion in federal contracts…

…Mr. McCarthy has led the creation of KSI’s Business Development Toolbox™–a collection of proven training tips and best practices for market strategy, capture, and proposal services that help win government contracts. His specialties include: 1) providing leadership and strategic capture advice to senior executives charged with the responsibility of winning major contracts (“win-coaching”); 2) developing compelling value propositions and coherent storylines which resonate with government evaluators and maximize point scoring of proposals; and 3) training on the art and science of business development in the government contracts market. Mr. McCarthy’s other competencies include: team building, strategic market positioning, creating company alliances, competitive assessments and “black hat” exercises, proposal management and training, oral presentation facilitation, directing comprehensive reviews (“win team”) of proposals in progress, and training in these and similar areas.
Mr. McCarthy is the architect of the KSI Advantage™ Proposal Process—a disciplined, yet customizable, approach to government proposals to deliver the winning edge to clients. His clients range from small businesses to Fortune 50 firms.

Mr. McCarthy serves as a frequent guest speaker and trainer on topics ranging from leadership, to winning government contracts through the most aggressive, yet highly ethical, means available. He is available for speaking engagements, training assignments, and win-coaching to enable his clients to achieve the winning edge in government contracting.

Richard Nathan, PhD

Richard Nathan is the COO of KeyStone Solutions. He has over 45 years of program management, corporate management, and business and proposal development experience. He has led large management and operation (M&O) contracts valued at more than a billion dollars and managed service and technical contracts for DOE, DoD, DHS, NSA, EPA, and state government. Dr. Nathan has directed…

…and grown the environmental and energy business for a large corporation, and served as the CEO of AOC Key Solutions and held technical and management positions at Battelle Memorial Institute and Mason & Hanger. In his former role as former Chief Executive Officer of AOC Key Solutions, Dr. Nathan also assisted  companies in increasing their market share through effective strategic planning, competitive analysis, and approaches through all phases of the business development process.

Dr. Nathan’s proposal skills span the full range of activities. He has served as capture manager, proposal manager, orals coach, and review team lead. His ability to develop and integrate effective win themes and discriminators unique to a given contract opportunity has resulted in multiple large contracts wins with customers to include DOE, NSA, DHS, and DoD as well as state and local Governments.

Greg McCarthy

Greg McCarthy is the CEO of AOC Key Solutions and has over 25 years of sales management, marketing, capture and proposal experience. From 2012-2014, Mr. McCarthy led operations and business development functions at AOC Key Solutions. Mr. McCarthy has worked in virtually every role of the bid and proposal process, including proposal management, proposal writing, and business development…

…Mr. McCarthy also leads the AOC Key Solutions group specializing in Third Party Performance Assessments. In that capacity, he has interviewed more than 1, 000 Government personnel regarding contractor performance across dozens of Government agencies, giving him “front line” experience in understanding Government needs and translating that understanding into winning proposals. In 2012, Mr. McCarthy was honored with Smart CEO Magazine’s Executive Management Award.
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